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"I used a consultant to find my new Volvo V60 CC. He was able to find the car I wanted at Lindsay Volvo and negotiated the final price with Lenny. Once that was done I connected with Lenny directly and had a great experience. He was professional and timely in his responses. Being from out of state, he was able to provide me with details as needed and even called me when the care was being picked up for shipping. Overall I had a great experience and was extremely pleased with Lenny and the rest of the staff at Lindsay Volvo."
- Brian M., New 2020 V60 Cross Country Owner

"Everyone we dealt with during the trade, and purchase of our new Volvo were so considerate and straight forward. They were very responsive to anything we needed throughout. The best buying experience I have ever had!"
- Cynthia S., New 2019 XC60 Owner

"Robert Cuffee! He was so patient and on top of things, he answered every question and stayed late and took care of my questions on his day off. He is truly an exceptional salesman. Being female and single, I absolutely dread the car buying process. He made it very easy and no pressure! I will definitely refer my friends, family and colleagues to Robert. Extremely likely to recommend ... Robert and the rest of the staff (Markell, the receptionists, service department) were professional, helpful and pleasant
- Zeynep Y., New 2019 XC40 Owner

"The customer service, knowledgeable staff, overall great experience. I met some of your staff based on an on-line website inquiry. I kept the information as I was interested in Volvo and knew one day I might want to visit in person to purchase a car. Well the time came, I called on a Saturday to discuss my car buying needs and let them know I was going to try and stop by tomorrow to review the numbers first then possibly test drive the vehicle. From beginning to end, my experience was amazing.
- Kristy B., New 2018 XC60 Owner

"... my recent experience with car buying and auto repair was handled with such standout service ... My wife and I were in the process of purchasing a second vehicle... My wife and I were both very reluctant because of the high mileage but Mr. Koffi Niamke-Bervell was amazing! After the test drive, Mr. Niamke-Bervell sat and discussed every aspect of the car buying process, vehicle specs and features, insurance and coverage, financing, repairs and maintenance..His expertise in every aspect of the process was very impressive but most importantly, he genuinely took an interest in what WE wanted. He even allowed one of his scheduled appointment to be given to another colleague to continue working with us until we were ready to make a final decision. Mr. Niamke-Bervell is the reason that we purchased this vehicle. His professionalism, character, integrity, and honesty far exceed that of a "traditional" salesman. We are very happy with our purchase and will highly recommend Lindsay Volvo of Alexandria to our loved ones. The Service Department - Mr. Timothy Brown - was excellent! He was great to deal with. He kept me advised of the status of the repairs by mail and telephone. Professionalism was exhibited throughout every department at this dealership."
- James C., Pre-Owned Purchase and Service Customer

"[I am] Extremely likely to recommend [Lindsay Volvo Cars] I know many people that have Volvos and when they are ready to upgrade they should go there. I had a 2016 so some of the features had changed. The salesperson went over new items with me and even helped me to set up a different feature after I had purchased it." 
- Tracy S., New 2019 XC60 Owner 

"Salespeople Dionte and Danny-GM made the process easy and treated us far better that any Volvo dealer in the area. I was treated fairly and with great respect throughout the entire process. Dionte took us on a test drive and also explained all of the new features. He offered to redo the entire delivery after my son gets home from college for the holidays"
- Beth T., New 2019 XC40 Owner

"Personalized service and good sales deal. Evan was especially helpful. Features and controls were demonstrated to a large degree, our questions were answered fully, and we had the option for any follow-up questions by contacting the sales department. We had a previous Volvo S40 from another dealership. This dealership experience was much improved from our previous one." 
- Martin B., New 2018 S60 Owner 

"Gus was prompt, thorough, straightforward and candid in all of my communication with him from the beginning. We requested a quick turnaround on the vehicle of choice and Gus delivered as promised. I found him to be professional and sincere in all of my interactions with him - a true professional. Lizzy and Gus are the reasons I would recommend Lindsay to a friend." Per
- Christopher N., New 2018 XC90 Owner 

"Steve and Gus were quick to locate and deliver my selected vehicle. Their customer service is top notch!! Gus did an expansive search to accommodate my options and provided for me the right vehicles to choose from! Lindsay Volvo is dedicated to customer service! They were easy to accommodate Military members and were VERY competitive when negotiating the vehicle price $$"
- Nicholas G., New 2018 XC60 Owner

"Steve and Dionte were the most professional sales persons I have worked with. There was no games or gimmicks.. they were direct with pricing and also expectations. I felt most relaxed in this car buying experience"
- Kingsley O., New 2018 XC90 Owner

"My sales consultant, Dionte, did a fantastic job of explaining all of the features of my new vehicle. I really feel like I understand how to use everything in my new car. Also, the General Manager, Danny, was extremely professional over the phone and in person. I recently switched from a Mercedes to this Volvo and I'm impressed with all of the great features that the Volvo has in comparison to the Mercedes. I also like the ride and handling of this Volvo."
- Camron W., New 2018 XC40 Owner

"[Lindsay Volvo Cars Service] had my car ready on a timely manner. And even though I was unable to pick it up they allowed me to keep it there
until the next day. They accommodated me for every request and they were extremely friendly. Especially Craig. My last visit was [truly exceptional] because of the tire pressure and he not only calibrated the car but took the time to explain to me the procedures on how to do it as well. 
- Natasha W., 2018 S90 Service Customer

"Professional staff was excellent, knowledgeable about the product and efficient with my time. [I would recommend this dealer because of my] experience [and their] excellent reputation The staff was friendly, fast and helpful. [The facility is] clean. Hermela went though everything thoroughly with me and kindly offered to go over it all again when I go back to make sure I don't have any additional questions."
- Corey H., New 2018 XC60 Owner

"[I would recommend this dealership because of] the people: Dionte McFadden, Steve Passarelli, and Keith Carpenter. Dionte gave me thorough lessons in the technology of the car and is an outstanding representative for Volvo. Also need to give a shout out to Craig Izes a service consultant. I have worked with him for many years and he is an absolute professional and a genuine credit to Volvo."
- Naomia B., New 2019 XC40 Owner

Robert Cuffee is wonderful! He is so patient and knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with. Lizzy in financing was also exceptional to work with. Professional, prompt, friendly. It was a great experience and I LOVE the car!! The customer service at every point was exceptional. The showroom and waiting room were comfortable and clean. Everyone is very friendly. I wouldn't change anything. Great location near the highway, clean, pleasant, comfortable. Liked all the drink machines and places to plug things in and everyone was really nice to my 7 year old. Robert was really patient and sat in the car with me to show me everything. He called and followed up. I had to stop by the next day and we talked further. I know absolutely I could call or email him anytime and he would be responsive and helpful. It's a pleasure working with him and I'm grateful for his time and patience! I appreciated that he reached out and he is very patient. I am sort of saying the same thing over and over here but basically I couldn't be happier with my experience working with Robert!
- Elsa H., New 2018 XC90 Owner

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