If you were to look at all of the details of your car, you would see that there are several gaskets that hold important components together. Even though they might be lightweight or might feel delicate, they are actually very strong and usually keep fluids from leaking or entering large parts in your car, such as the engine.

When you feel a gasket, they might seem like a cushion. However, when they are installed, they tend to create a hard seal between two components. They also create a cushion so that the two parts don't hit against each other while the car is in motion.

The oil pan gasket and the head gasket are two of the most common in your car. Lindsay Volvo Cars of Alexandria can look for any leaks around the gaskets to determine if they need to be replaced. This is an important maintenance step to take before driving in Alexandria if you notice any fluids under your car in order to protect the engine and other large parts.


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