Volvo XC40: Compact Crossover SUV With Excellent Driving Aides

As a luxurious crossover SUV, the Volvo XC40 is appropriately equipped with superb safety technology. Drivers should visit Lindsay Volvo Cars of Alexandria and test drive this compact model that offers more than 15 active safety features.

The Oncoming Lane Mitigation is a segment-exclusive driving aide that's optional in this Volvo family car. When the speedometer exceeds 37 MPH, the OLM automatically overrides the steering system if you're at a high risk of crashing into an oncoming car. You'll also receive a sequence of alerts before any steering correction is carried out.

The XC40 comes standard with the Run-Off Road Mitigation, which keeps the wheels rolling within the markings of an individual lane. This technology essentially prevents the vehicle from getting on a shoulder or another unmarked area of the highway. Additionally, the Run-Off Road Mitigation lowers the possibility of a rollover or another dangerous maneuver on a steep trail that has abrupt changes in elevations.



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