A Quick Overview of Some of the Safety Features of the Volvo V90

Alexandria, VA is a great place to live and drive in, especially with one of the vehicles at Lindsay Volvo Cars of Alexandria. The key is finding a vehicle that makes you feel happy and comfortable. A big part of that has to do with safety, which the popular luxury wagon from Volvo has in spades.

Safety Features of the Volvo V90

The following are some safety features you would probably find exciting:

Collision Prevention

Volvo seems to have taken it upon itself to provide you with a vehicle that could help you be a safer driver. It developed a system that is bound to help you reduce your vehicle insurance rate because you'll be much safer. The City Safety system detects forward collisions and warns you about the danger. It even applies brakes if you are not reacting quickly enough.

Absorbing Material

Accidents could happen, no matter how much you try to avoid them. Volvo knows this, which is why it stuffed the vehicle's panels and door sides with an energy-absorbing material. Impacts carry a lot of energy, which could create even more damage, so having this material is a good idea.

When you are finally ready for a test drive, set up an appointment so you can see if this is the Volvo for you.

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