The Volvo V60 has always been a popular sport wagon that is known for its safety and its comfort. The Momentum trim package provides both attributes in an area others may not consider, namely, air quality.

The dual climate control keeps the driver and passenger in their own “comfort zones” with separate vents in the dash, floor and door pillars. The touch screen allows separate controls for each. But the climate control system does more. The V60 Momentum comes with a special air filter to ensure road dust and pollen stay out of the cabin.

Others prefer to let in fresh outside air, especially at night. For those people, the Momentum package offers a stunning moon roof. Not only does it provide a spectacular view for passengers, but it can also be retracted or tilted with the touch of a button. Take a test drive of the new Volvo V60 Momentum with us at Lindsay Volvo Cars of Alexandria and feel the quality Volvo provides.

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