Amazon In-Car Delivery

Place your order through Amazon Prime. Before completing the order, select in-car delivery.

Once the order is processed, you will receive push notifications indicating the planned delivery time frame and that your order has been shipped.

The day of delivery, you will receive notifications as a reminder to park your Volvo in the indicated delivery area so that delivery can be completed. The delivery driver will locate your Volvo through GPS within a two block area of the address you provide to Amazon. It can be your home driveway, street parking by your workplace, your hotel parking lot, your daughter's or son's college dormitory parking lot...anywhere that is serviced by this program. It just needs to be a safe place accessible to the Amazon delivery driver.

Through the secure a handshake between Amazon Prime and your Volvo On Call, your delivery driver will be able to open your Volvo to place your order inside and then safely lock it. Every new Volvo sold now includes a four year subscription to Volvo On Call services, which provide access to this and many more functions. Those with Volvos model year 2015 may have the same capability as long as they have continued their On Call subscription. You must have an Amazon Prime subscription on top of the Volvo On Call subscription to make this all work, but boy does it work!

The next step is to enjoy what's inside that box and enjoy the gift of true convenience, made possible by your Volvo's state of the art technology.