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"Steve and Gus were quick to locate and deliver my selected vehicle. Their customer service is top notch!! Gus did an expansive search to accommodate my options and provided for me the right vehicles to choose from! Lindsay Volvo is dedicated to customer service! They were easy to accommodate Military members and were VERY competitive when negotiating the vehicle price $$"
- Nicholas G., New 2018 XC60 Owner

"Steve and Dionte were the most professional sales persons I have worked with. There was no games or gimmicks.. they were direct with pricing and also expectations. I felt most relaxed in this car buying experience"
- Kingsley O., New 2018 XC90 Owner

"My sales consultant, Dionte, did a fantastic job of explaining all of the features of my new vehicle. I really feel like I understand how to use everything in my new car. Also, the General Manager, Danny, was extremely professional over the phone and in person. I recently switched from a Mercedes to this Volvo and I'm impressed with all of the great features that the Volvo has in comparison to the Mercedes. I also like the ride and handling of this Volvo."
- Camron W., New 2018 XC40 Owner

"[Lindsay Volvo Cars Service] had my car ready on a timely manner. And even though I was unable to pick it up they allowed me to keep it there
until the next day. They accommodated me for every request and they were extremely friendly. Especially Craig. My last visit was [truly exceptional] because of the tire pressure and he not only calibrated the car but took the time to explain to me the procedures on how to do it as well. 
- Natasha W., 2018 S90 Service Customer

"Professional staff was excellent, knowledgeable about the product and efficient with my time. [I would recommend this dealer because of my] experience [and their] excellent reputation The staff was friendly, fast and helpful. [The facility is] clean. Hermela went though everything thoroughly with me and kindly offered to go over it all again when I go back to make sure I don't have any additional questions."
- Corey H., New 2018 XC60 Owner

"[I would recommend this dealership because of] the people: Dionte McFadden, Steve Passarelli, and Keith Carpenter. Dionte gave me thorough lessons in the technology of the car and is an outstanding representative for Volvo. Also need to give a shout out to Craig Izes a service consultant. I have worked with him for many years and he is an absolute professional and a genuine credit to Volvo."
- Naomia B., New 2019 XC40 Owner

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